Search engines are a part of our lives. Each of us submits dozens of textual Google queries a day. What is less common is querying with an image. This technique is known as Query by Example - we provide a visual example of an item we want to search. Such querying method is used less commonly, while still available in the popular search engines.

INSTREET builds on this concept and allows to answer a commonly asked question: "Where was this photo shot?". We often ask ourselves this question, however until now we had no tools that allowed us to tackle it.

INSTREET allows to pinpoint a location where a photo was shot by comparing architectural details of the example with its reference database. Just like textual text engine - it provides a list of results the user free to browse through.


  • INSTREET allows to locate a place where a photo was made in an urban environment
    • It was tested on an areas as large as 135 km^2. The result (median) is 0.05%, regardless of the size of the database. It means, that in median you will have to browse through 0.05% of your database to find your location.
    • While it is a computation-heavy algorithm we are working hard to optimize it. It scales really well!
    • It requires the user to mark detail specific for the photo
    • Rest of the operation is fully automated

    Fig 1. Instreet Architecture

    Fig 2. Instreet Scaling

Media and Publications

  • Publications:

    • INSTREET - Application for Urban Photograph Localization, Michal Grega, Seweryn Lach, Boguslaw Cyganek, Multimedia Communications, Services and Security Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 287, 2012, pp 130-138 link

    • Urban photograph localization using the INSTREET application—accuracy and performance analysis, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer Verlaj, June 2013 link


INSTREET is a complex suite of software. We have turned off the demo for the INNOVA fair in order not to overload the server. Pleasecontact us, we will be more than happy to provide you a fully functional demo for testing purpose for free.

Offer and Contact

INSTREET is offered

  • As a Software as a Service paradigm
  • As a licence for a software suite with or without support
  • As a licence for separate components or algorithms

If interested, please reach us by email or landline. Person responsible:
Michal Grega, PhD Eng.

Last update - NOV 2013